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The Approach

Moving to the next level
The second step in supporting yourself to live well using the Penny Brohn Whole Person Approach, this course will help you bring more of the things that nourish you into your life.
Making changes in your life is challenging no matter how motivated you are.  The Approach course includes group support with an experienced counsellor to help you find your own way through the challenges of the cancer journey.

One to one advice and support from a Nutritional Therapist and an Integrative Doctor can help you adapt the general principles of the Penny Brohn Whole Person Approach to your particular circumstances. An individual session with a healer helps restore you and nurture you through the process.

Time and space for reflection with others in a similar situation, and opportunities to practise relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and imagery allow you to deepen your understanding of what living well with cancer means to you.

This three-day course is offered to those over the age of 18 with a cancer diagnosis and their close supporters who have already attended a Living Well with the Impact of Cancer course, and wish to deepen their understanding of the Penny Brohn Whole Person Approach.
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