Promote your company while supporting our charity.

Feel good

Sponsoring one of our events, projects or fundraising initiatives is a great way to promote a positive image for your company to customers, staff and our supporters. It also offers an excellent opportunity to attract positive media coverage.

We have a range of events and projects available for sponsorship. From one-off initiatives, to annual events such as our Long Table Lunch or services such as our Helpline or Running Team, we have a project that is right for your business.

Choosing to align one of your products or services, through cause-related marketing, is another strategic way to support us whilst receiving many benefits.

Some of the benefits

Reinforce your company’s position as a socially responsible organisation

Generate positive PR Increase brand awareness and sales

Build customer loyalty

Differentiate yourself from your competitors
Our fundraising team will ensure you are given the right project to sponsor in order to guarantee you get the results for your organisation.

Green People are proud to have been supporting Penny Brohn UK since 2005 through a CRM partnership. This has allowed us to promote our products to a new audience who are in need of natural and organic skin care while raising more than a fantastic sum of over £61,000 for a worthwhile cause.

Sue Losson, Green People

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