Finding Purpose and Meaning
Helping you to find a way through the impact of cancer so you are able to nurture yourself and connect with your own personal strength and peace of mind.

We welcome all faiths and none. By Spiritual Health we mean the nurturing of the very deepest parts of you, whether you have a faith or not. For many these are the parts that give you the sense of who you are. Being in touch with this aspect of yourself can lead to peace, hope and inner strength. These are qualities that can make a big difference in your ability to cope with whatever is going on in your everyday life.

The Bristol Approach will introduce you to the many diverse ways you can nurture and connect with your spirit from music to being in nature to simple exercises in breathing, meditation, mindfulness and much more. All these can easily fit into your normal everyday life.

So whether your cancer diagnosis has left you questioning your purpose and priorities or whether it isn’t as yet something you have really thought about, our highly trained and experienced facilitators are here to support you. We can help you find and maintain your own unique sense of spiritual health, peace and inner strength.

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