Penny Brohn - Cancer Care

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Robin's Story

Robin was diagnosed with bowel cancer 4 years ago. He was put onto a 4 month intensive course of chemotherapy, followed by 6 months recovery. After this Robin had a scan and was told that the cancer had spread and he had a tumour on his lungs.

Robin remembers coming out of the treatment room in tears having to tell Catherine the news. After the terrible shock, they both searched the internet to see what they could do next. A friend of Catherine’s mentioned Penny Brohn Cancer Care.  

The Hopper’s got in touch with the Helpline and booked onto the 1 day introductory course and then they came back for a 3 day residential course which was the real life changer for them. In those three special days they cried, laughed and relaxed. They also made some new friendships with people who were going through similar experiences. In their words the course taught them how to ‘live good and proper’!

Robin has since taken his youngest daughter to one of the courses with him. She told him that this was the best couple of days bonding they have had together.

Since attending the courses Robin’s oncologist has said to him “I don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it”.

Catherine spoke about the feeling of losing control when Robin was diagnosed with cancer. Their calendar was suddenly filled up with scan or doctor appointments. When Robin was going through the chemotherapy Catherine said that she felt like she was “losing Robin”.

In the early stages everything seemed fragmented and it was all focused on the cancer and not Robin as a person and his family around him. Penny Brohn Cancer Care focused on Robin and me (Catherine) as a person.

It was our thing not just Robin’s... We truly believe in Penny Brohn Cancer Care