A cancer diagnosis can lead to the deepest questioning about your feelings and your understanding of yourself. 

Retreats offer a safe place for you to look deeply into what living with cancer means in your life, supported by experienced and highly trained therapists and by beautiful and peaceful surroundings.
Our retreats help you integrate our Bristol Whole Life Approach more fully into your life. They support you to focus on what is really important  to you, giving you space to recharge, and perhaps gain new insight or inspiration.

Retreats provide a safe and nurturing space in which to meditate, reflect and explore the nature of your journey with cancer.

We currently offer three short retreats :

The Stillness and Relaxation Retreat focuses on healing, meditation and mindfulness with plenty of time available for quiet reflection and contemplation. The retreat includes an individual healing appointment.

The Nurturing Resources Retreat is a two day course, giving you the time to explore your inner and outer resources in the context of your cancer journey.  You will experience creative expressive techniques, group work, personal reflection, meditation and time in nature. 

Foods to Nourish Body and Soul Retreat
This retreat is for anyone interested in understanding how food and relaxation can nurture the body, mind and spirit. The physical and emotional aspects of healthy eating are explored through group work and practical demonstrations. We discuss our relationship with food and how sharing food can bring us closer to others.


These two day retreats are appropriate for anyone who has completed The Approach course and who wishes to spend time at the Centre in a reflective way.