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Your Opportunity
The crisis of cancer can lead to the deepest questioning of your feelings and understanding of yourself. This has the potential to bring about a transformation in your life. Our Retreat courses give you the opportunity to explore what this possibility means for you.

Retreats offer a safe place for you to look deeply into what living with cancer means in your life, supported by experienced and highly trained therapists and by beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Retreats are offered to people over the age of 18 and their close supporters who have attended a Bristol Approach course and want to reflect deeply on their experience of cancer. 
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Short Retreats - 2 days
Short retreats help you integrate those parts of the Penny Brohn Whole Person Approach that are most helpful for you more fully into your life. Take two days out of your busy schedule to focus back on what is really important to you, have time to recharge, and perhaps gain new insight or inspiration. Read more about Short Retreats

2 day Introductory Retreats

These retreats offer an introduction to our longer Journey of Transformation Retreat and Retreat into Stillness. They may also be attended as ‘stand alone’ courses. 

Both retreats provide a safe and nurturing space in which to meditate, reflect and explore the nature of your journey with cancer.  The emphasis varies depending on which introductory course you choose.

The Stillness and Relaxation Retreat focuses on healing, meditation and mindfulness with plenty of time available for quiet reflection and contemplation. The retreat includes an individual healing appointment.
The Nurturing Resources Retreat is a two day course, giving you the time to explore your inner and outer resources in the context of your cancer journey.  You will be using creative expressive techniques, group work, personal reflection, meditation and time in nature.  These two days can be used as a stand alone course or as a prelude to any of the five day retreats.
Foods to Nourish Body and Soul Retreat
This retreat is for anyone interested in understanding how food and relaxation can nurture our body, mind and spirit. The physical and emotional aspects of healthy eating are explored through group work and practical demonstrations. We discuss our relationship with food and how sharing can bring us closer to others.

All of the Short Retreat courses also provide space for quiet reflection, meditation and relaxation in the peace and tranquillity of our Centre.

They are all appropriate for anyone who has completed The Approach course and who wishes to spend time at the Centre ‘in retreat’

Long Retreats - 5 days
Long retreats offer precious opportunities for you to learn even more about yourself, your many strengths and your individual needs. Read more about Long Retreats

The Journey of Transformation  - The Hero's Journey
We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
Joseph Campbell

Many myths and legends throughout history tell the story of someone who is plunged by some crisis into an unfamiliar world. They meet unexpected friends and unforeseen dangers and are faced with many trials and choices. Through this process they are transformed, returning to the world they used to know with new skills and new perspectives.

The Transformation Retreat takes this powerful story as a metaphor to help you explore the meaning of your journey with cancer.  You will meet your own particular challenges and find a way to integrate your experience of cancer into your life.

These retreats include an individual body work session and use group work, meditation, the natural world and creative imagery to take you on your own personal nature based Hero's Journey, supported and accompanied by our experienced therapists.

Retreat Into Stillness
Remember what peace there may be in silence
Max Ehrmann (Desiderata)

It can be hard to find the time and space in our busy lives to reflect on what we really think, how we really feel, what we really want or need for our own selves.  Time spent in stillness and quiet can help us hear an inner voice of wisdom that may guide us in protecting our lives and finding meaning and joy in our experiences.

This five-day Retreat into Stillness uses healing, meditation, silence, and creativity to help you get in touch with your deepest self and to understand more profoundly what it is you need to nourish and support yourself on your journey with cancer.  

Five-day Retreats are offered to people over the age of 18 and their close supporters who have attended a Bristol Approach course and want to reflect deeply on what their experience of cancer has meant in their lives.