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Residential courses

We offer our Whole Person Approach in different ways, to meet your needs at different stages in your cancer journey

Residential courses give you the opportunity to step away from everyday responsibilities and focus on yourself and your needs. 
Staying at our National Centre for a few days allows you to get the maximum support from our beautiful facilities and surroundings, from the other people in your group, and from our highly trained professional facilitators and therapists.  This support can enable you to explore the impact of cancer on your life more deeply, and perhaps find resources and inspiration to help you move forward.

Step 1 Courses:

These courses introduce you to the Penny Brohn Whole Person Approach to help you live well with the impact of cancer.

Introduction to Living Well day (residential option 1 night)Living Well with the Impact of Cancer (2 nights)
Attending either of these courses is a pre-requisite for Steps 2 and 3.
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Step 2 Courses:

These courses give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of how you can live well with cancer and make our Approach your own. 

The Approach (3 nights)The Open Programme (2 nights)
Step 3 Courses:

These courses help you to learn more about yourself and your personal journey with cancer at the deepest level.

Short Retreats (2 nights)Long Retreats (4 nights)
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