Penny Brohn - Cancer Care

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Research and information

Dr. Helen Seers, Research & Information Manager and Rod Shaw, Chief Executive of the James Tudor Foundation

Aims and purpose
We aim to provide free and reliable information that helps people to make informed choices about complementary cancer care options, enabling people who are affected by cancer to...

Have quality of life in the presence of illnessLive well with cancerHave an impact on their own wellbeing and health

We continuously develop information resources for people affected by cancer, their supporters and health professionals. We support evidence informed practice by providing accessible, up-to-date research produced by specialist Information Officers in the field.

At all times the needs of our clients are paramount. If you have a specific query please call our Helpline on 0845 123 23 10 or email

Our information work:

We produce high quality evidence based information sheets about complementary therapies for people with cancer. Our work bears the Department of Health’s Information Standard Kitemark of quality.

Our research:
We conduct research projects to guage the effects of coming to Penny Brohn Cancer Care, our courses and services. Our current project, in collaboration with the University of Westminster, is an evaluation of our Living Well with the Impact of Cancer courses at our national centre.

Our research team:

Dr. Sarah Jackson, PhD - Research Development Manager
Dr. Helen Seers, PhD - Research & Information Manager
Rachel Jolliffe, MSc - Research & Information Officer

Jo Durrant, BSc - Information Officer
We are also supported by a number of invaluable volunteers who contribute to these projects.

You can contact the Research Development Manager by email or for more information please contact our Helpline on 0845 123 23 10.