De-stress and unwind
Using relaxation techniques regularly can bring you back to a place of balance, helping you to release tension and calm both the body and the mind.

We know that when you have a cancer diagnosis there can be extra pressures and demands placed upon you.  These stresses can build up as tension in your body and affect your sleep patterns, the functioning of your digestive system, the clarity of your thoughts and the efficiency of your immune system.

Research has shown that using relaxation techniques on a regular basis can help to counteract these effects, bringing your body back into harmony.  This can mean that your experience of cancer and its treatments is less stressful and its side effects may be reduced.

Relaxation helps to support the activity of your immune system, easing muscle tension and allowing easier flow of blood and nutrients throughout your body.  It also reduces blood pressure and slows the heart-rate.

Relaxation can help to improve sleep patterns, raise energy levels and reduce pain. 

Using relaxation techniques increases feelings of wellbeing and gives you an opportunity to unwind. There are lots of different relaxation techniques.  Some take just a few minutes; others require a longer time commitment.  We can support you to find those that work for you and your circumstances.

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