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Recycle for us
Recycling is the easiest way to support us – with virtually no effort required! Our recycling scheme simply encourages you to help both the environment and us, at work and at home.

We are now recycling:
  • Mobile phones - of all makes and models, even without the charger!
  • Ink cartridges - both small desktop printer cartridges and large office ones.
  • CDs, DVDs and electronic games (Play Station, Xbox etc) - must be in their original packaging and cannot be freebies or copies.
  • Foreign money - from Australian Dollars through to Chilean Pesos and even old British currency - we'll take it all!
  • Electronic goods (iPads, iPods, games consoles) - whatever their condition or age.
  • Clothes - we take shoes and clothes which are in a good enough condition to sell on.
  • Jewellery - from precious metals to costume jewellery and odd earrings to snapped chains and broken watches; it all has value to us!

We can supply freepost envelopes and branded collection boxes which will be couriered to the office free of charge. Even better, when they are full the boxes will be collected and replaced for free!

Call the Fundraising Team on 01275 370 073 or email to find out how we can help you. From providing envelopes, boxes and posters to raise awareness to our tips for recycling success, we can help with it all!