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We have an active programme of research and evaluation which aims to explore how people can live well with the impact of cancer. Here are some of our selected research publications: 

Jolliffe R, Polley M, Jackson S, Caro E, Weeks L, Seers H. The responsiveness, content and convergent validity of the Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing (MYCaW) patient reported outcome measure. Integrative Cancer Therapies, 2015; 14(1):26-34.

Polley M, Jolliffe R, Jackson S, Boxell E, Seers H. Penny Brohn Cancer Care: Service Evaluation of 'Living Well with the Impact of Cancer' Courses, Penny Brohn Cancer Care, University of Westminster, October 2013.

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For more information on research at Penny Brohn Cancer Care, contact our Research and Evaluation team.