What we do

We have an active programme of research and service evaluation to inform the delivery of our services and explore how people can live well with the impact of cancer. 

Our research and evaluation work is carried out by our Research and Evaluation team led by Dr. Helen Seers.

We are also supported by a number of invaluable volunteers.

Current work

Our current work focuses on delivering our key objectives:

  • Evaluating our services – undertaking evaluations of our services to develop best practice and inform future delivery

We have various projects currently underway and recently published a service evaluation of our Living Well with the Impact of Cancer courses, in collaboration with the University of Westminster. For full details of the report click here.

Due to this previous robust service evaluation and being able to show the impact of our services, Penny Brohn UK has received statutory funding from the Department of Health and Macmillan Cancer Support. We are currently working on evaluation projects for these organisations. We have also provided/are providing evaluation reports for a number of our charity partners including Prostate Cancer UK, Bowel Cancer UK and Target Ovarian Cancer.

  • Evidence-informing our services – supporting evidence-informed practice by providing high quality information
  • Research studies – carry out research studies to explore how the Penny Brohn Whole Person Approach helps people live well with the impact of cancer

We do not currently fund research or have funds available to support collaborative research. We do not carry out medical research, clinical trials or research to find cures for cancer.

Living Well handbook

For the full list of references which accompany the Living Well handbook, please click here.

For more information about our research and evaluation work, please contact our Research and Evaluation team or follow us on Twitter @RE_PBUK.

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