Penny Brohn - Cancer Care

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Our services team

Our team has many years experience of working with people with cancer, and is drawn from medical, nursing, psychotherapy and varied complementary therapy backgrounds.

They are all members of their appropriate professional body and keep up to date with developments in the field of complementary cancer care.

Lead Services

Lindy Gibbon - Lead Therapy Manager

Wendy Burley - Lead Nutritional Therapist

Katie Loveday - Lead Nurse Therapist and Lead Bodywork Therapist

Sarah Rees - Lead Psychological Therapist

Sarah MacDonald - Cancerpoint Services Manager 

We have a Core team of experienced therapists offering a range of therapies including counselling, nutritional therapy, bodywork and healing.

Client Support Co-ordinators

Sabine Okraffka

Sophie Bayley

Sue Bricknell