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Nourish: The Cancer Care Cookbook

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Eating well is important when you are living with cancer. Research proves that what you eat can protect you against cancer as well as having a crucial impact before, during and after treatment. But often you may feel too tired, ill or stressed to prepare a balanced and nutritious meal, or you may not feel like eating at all.

Don't worry - help is at hand.

Nourish, brought to you by the team at Penny Brohn Cancer Care, shows you how to create simple meals, snacks and drinks that are packed with nutrients to support your body. And if you're cooking for a loved one you can rest assured that you will be providing the best possible meals to make them feel better.

In Nourish you will find over 70 easy to prepare recipes that incorporate nutrient rich foods to support your body, optimize your enjoyment of food and benefit your health. 

Whether you are undergoing treatment, have opted to eat healthier as a preventative measure or are supporting someone through cancer and wish to provide nourishing dishes for them, this book will be your culinary guide.

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Nourish: The Cancer Care Cookbook is available to order now from Shop@PennyBrohn

From Nourish: The Cancer Care Cookbook by Penny Brohn Cancer Care with Christine Bailey  © Commissioned Photography © William Lingwood/ Duncan Baird Publishers 2013