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Lemon Thyme Cake

This easy cake is satisfying, light and moist. Using spelt breadcrumbs, lemon and lemon thyme this cake easily brings together the pungency of lemons with a rich sweetness which is easier for the body to break down. Lemon Thyme is also antibacterial and antiviral - and it tastes good too.

You will need
50g Spelt bread breadcrumbs2 tablespoons Rice syrup1 tablespoon apple juice concentrate100g ground almonds2 teaspoons baking powder1 teaspoon caraway seeds1 or 2 sprigs lemon thyme3 large eggs180ml olive oil2 medium lemons zest
To make a sweet accompanying syrup:           

use the juice of the 2 lemons75ml water2 tablespoons apple juice concentrate3 sprigs lemon thyme

Here's how
Preheat oven to 180oc gas 4.Put the breadcrumbs, almonds, baking powder, zest, leaves of one sprig of thyme and caraway seeds into a bowl and combine.Beat together the oil, eggs, rice syrup and apple juice concentrate.Stir into the dry ingredients and pour into square 20cm lined tin.Bake for 25 to 35 minutes till slightly darkened and firm to touch. Leave in tin but loosen the edges.Boil the lemon juice, water, apple juice concentrate and lemon thyme for 2 minutes. Take out the herb and test for taste. Add more sweetness if wished.Pour the syrup over the warm cake – don’t saturate it! and leave in tin to cool for a while.  Turn out onto wire rack to fully cool. Freezes well.