Looking after your emotional wellbeing
Helping you to manage the emotional and psychological impact of cancer and make the changes you want.

We know there is an emotional and psychological impact when you are diagnosed with cancer which can sometimes be overwhelming. We also recognise that making lifestyle changes can be very demanding emotionally. We realise that it can be very difficult to acknowledge the emotional impact of cancer and reach out for the support that may be needed. We are here to help you manage this as well as you can.

During our courses we offer you time for reflection, learning and support so that your emotional wellbeing may be sustained throughout your journey.

Our highly trained facilitators will help you get what you need, at a level that is right for you. For some, knowing that the impact is recognised might be enough.  Some might need to share with others in an appropriate way.  Others may benefit most from one-to-one counselling.

We are here to listen to what you need, helping you to make the choices that are right for you.

To register your interest download a course enquiry form and email it to bookings@pennybrohn.org.uk