Make a lasting difference – leave a gift in your will

Whatever your age, an up-to-date Will is incredibly important. It’s the only way to guarantee that your wishes are carried out and that the people and causes you care about get the gifts you want them to have. If you are able to leave 10% of your estate to charity, the amount of Inheritance Tax due may also be reduced.

When making your Will you need to consider your family and friends first but then, we hope, there may be a place for Penny Brohn UK.

How you can make a difference

Our services are funded entirely by voluntary donations. A gift in your Will would help us to continue offering residential, single-day courses, and one-to-one appointments;  providing people with the life-changing support they need to live well with cancer.

Would you like to remember Penny Brohn UK in your Will? Simply download this document to ensure your wording is correct, for Wills and Codicils. Will and Codicil Guidance

If you want to know more about how to leave a gift in your Will please call 01275 370073 or email

Nick Burgin – A Life Well Lived

GetImage.aspxBefore he died in March 2012, Nick Burgin wanted to find a way to help people affected by cancer on the Isle of Wight. He left a legacy of £5,000 to start this.

Nick was an accomplished sailor (a former GB International), a highly regarded International Race Official, a member of the Yarmouth RNLI Lifeboat crew, a great adventure partner and a good friend to many.

Penny Brohn UK supported us in all the ways the NHS could not. Nick and I both 
credit Penny Brohn UK with the fact that he could get – and stay – fit enough to race ‘Riot’ throughout his treatment, that he could walk two miles and more every day and that he could enjoy and cook good food for friends, while maintaining a robust-enough immune system to be able to continue socializing more widely.
Sue Cassidy Burgin

Through Nick’s legacy the first Living Well course took place on the Isle of White in the year he died, and continue to this day. Nick’s was “a life well lived” – and we honour Nick’s memory by delivering his legacy to support people living with cancer and their carers on the Isle of Wight.