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Getting started

Cancer can affect every part of your life...
Penny Brohn Cancer Care can help you to find your own way to live well at any stage of your journey with cancer.

Our services are open to everybody over the age of 18 with a cancer diagnosis, and their close supporters.

These courses are for anyone who is using our services for the first time. They offer different options and kinds of support. Our 'Living Well' course is now available across the country.

Find out more, choose the course that is right for you and book online.

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01275 370 143.

Want to find out what we’re all about? Come to a 'Introduction to Living Well' course.

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The Introduction course give you the chance to find out what we do:

You will meet other people with the same kind of experience.  You will learn about the different ways you can support your health and wellbeing, and have a chance to try a couple of them out for real.  You will meet some of our staff and find out about all our services.  You will have a tour of the building, so you can see for yourself whether you might want to come on a residential course later on.
Introduction courses run several times a month on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am – 3pm.
They take place at our National Centre just outside Bristol. If you are coming from further away, there is one taster a month when you can spend the night here. Intro days include lunch and snacks.

This course is held at our National centre near Bristol. Book your place online using the button or download our booking form and email it to

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Find your own way to live well with cancer through the 'Living Well' course

About the 'Living Well with the impact of cancer' course Read more

The 'Living Well' course can:

provide information on healthy eating, being active and the value of relaxation during and after treatmenthelp you to cope with diagnosis and treatmentoffer space and time to focus on yourself and your relationshipssignpost information about other support available to youenable you to make a plan that is personal to you and can support your everyday life
We run this course from our national centre near Bristol and at locations across the country.

There are different formats for you to choose from, including as a two day residential course or over three or four non residential days, depending where in the country you would like to access this service.

Book your place online using the button or download our booking form and email it to

Click here to find out more about the 'Living Well' course.

Get support with your treatment through the 'Treatment Support Clinic'

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The Treatment Support Clinic has been set up to help you with your treatment.

Find out about how to support your immune systemMeet the experts – oncologists, chemo nurses, radiographers and complementary therapists all visit the clinic to explain how they can help you through treatment and answer your questionsTake part in gentle exercise – we know that staying active through treatment can help support your energy levelsEnjoy a guided relaxation – and a well deserved rest!Receive acupuncture – this therapy can help with side effects (people with cancer only)Meet others and share your experience

This course is held at our National centre near Bristol. To book a place or find out more phone 01275 370 143 or email

The Treatment Support Clinic runs every Monday from 9am – 1.30pm. It is for anyone having, or preparing for, or recovering from chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as well as for your family close supporters.

Sessions will be led by staff from Penny Brohn Cancer Care, with input from staff at the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre, and the University of Bristol.

The Clinic includes a snack. If you want to stay for lunch afterwards please book it at reception when you arrive.

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