Enhance your health & wellbeing
Being physically active can increase energy levels and feelings of wellbeing, helping you to manage some of the side effects of treatment both for your body and your emotions. 

Starting or maintaining physical activity after a cancer diagnosis and during treatment can seem daunting, but we can introduce you to a range of activities and practical tips to suit your circumstances and level of fitness.  And it doesn’t have to be hard work – there are lots of fun ways to get moving!

Even a few minutes of movement each day can improve the quality of your life, helping with breathing and the flow of oxygen and nutrients around the body.
Recent research shows that doing some physical activity each day can help manage some of the side effects of treatment such as fatigue, disturbed sleep, poor appetite.

Exercise can also relieve pain and increase your strength and range of movement. It can help to build your confidence in your physical abilities and reduce feelings of isolation if you team up with a friend or join a group.

All of our activities can be adapted depending on your current abilities.  We can support you in finding exercise that you enjoy and advise you how to exercise safely.

To register your interest download a course enquiry form and email it to bookings@pennybrohn.org.uk

Did you know we also have gym at our national centre which you can use any time the centre is open. To find out more call 0303 3000 118.