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Bake a Difference

It’s a well known fact that everybody loves cake!
Get involved in Bake a Difference and raise money for Penny Brohn Cancer Care.

About the event
The simplest way to Bake a Difference is to hold a Cake Bake. They are a fantastic and delicious way to raise money for a great cause. Ask your friends, family, work colleagues or class mates to help by baking some yummy goodies and then hold a cake sale – you will be surprised how much money can be raised.

There are lots of other ways you can Bake a Difference and here are a sprinkling of suggestions you could do as well or instead of a Cake Bake:

Hold an afternoon tea or Teddy Bear’s Picnic and charge people for tickets.Have a competition to guess the number of Hundred’s & Thousand’s on a cake (just make sure someone counts them before they go on!), the weight of a cake or the number of Iced Gems in a jar.Have a bake off and crown the master baker! You could have a prize for the best tasting cakes or best decorated treats. Simply sell the cakes after or ask for an entrance fee.Bake a World Record! From the most to the longest and the tallest there are baking world records out there ready to be beaten and whipped into shape!
How to get involved
There’s no minimum amount to raise for Bake a Difference; simply have fun and raise as much dough as you can!

We have lots of resources to help you get started - Click to download:

Fundraising pack

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Recipes for you:

Carrot CakeYoghurt & Berry CakeHoney FlapjacksOat & Sultana CookiesFlourless Chocolate CakeChocolate & Pecan Brownie; Hotel Du Vin
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