Penny Brohn - Cancer Care

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About us

What we do
We are here to support men and women affected by cancer at any stage of their illness, as well as their families and supporters.

You may have been diagnosed with cancer yourself or be supporting someone who has. Being diagnosed with cancer or being told your cancer has returned can be a traumatic and life-changing event. People often describe feeling shocked, disorientated, angry, frustrated, scared, isolated, in need of support and often unsure what to do for the best.

We can help you live well with the impact of cancer through our unique combination of physical, emotional and spiritual support designed to help you at any stage of your illness.  The way in which we support you is known as the ‘Bristol Approach’.

We offer help through...
Information and advice on healthy eating and gentle exercise.Self-help techniques including meditation and relaxation to reduce stress and regain a sense of control.Physical support through massage and other body related therapies.Emotional support through counselling, psychotherapy and group work.Creative therapies like art and music to help express feelings.
Support is offered through a combination of...
Residential and single day courses.One-to-one appointmentsAccess to a dedicated Helpline staffed by trained volunteers.Provision of a range of support information.Community based support groups.
Working alongside medical treatment, our complementary whole-person approach aims to give you the practical tools necessary to help manage the impact of cancer and improve your quality of life.

Support for you and those supporting you
We welcome supporters of those living with cancer, recognising that cancer may also have an impact on families, carers and other close supporters.