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Carrot and Apple Soup

This simple soup creates a beautiful orange glow in the bowl. Full of betacorotene and Vitamin C dressed up with some extra protein of ground almonds and haricot beans.

You will need
2 tablespoon olive oil1 large onion - diced2 teaspoon curry powder500g carrots - chopped1 cooking apple - chopped600ml vegetable stock160ml coconut cream1 dessertspoon Nori flakes2 tablespoon ground almonds
Here's how
Heat the oil and slowly cook the onions to release the flavour - about 10 minutesAdd the curry powder and heat throughStir in the carrot and apple to be coated with the curry powder and cook gently for a few minutesAdd the stock and simmer until the carrot is soft - about 15 minutesBlend the soup with the ground almonds.  Return to the panStir in the Nori flakes and coconut cream and heat through  Ready to serve - Enjoy.