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Polenta with Red Onion Gravy

An enticing warm yellow Polenta mixture dressed with a rich red onion gravy giving a sweet undertone to the mellow Polenta mixture. Polenta is gluten free and easy to digest and can be very versitile. The onion gravy can be used to dress other dishes and complements chicken or turkey.

You will need
1 large mug polenta        2½ same mug water1 tablespoon frozen peas    1 tablespoon frozen sweetcorn1 teaspoon tamari    3 good tablespoons engevita yeast flakes2 tablespoons olive oil    1 large red onion2 sprigs rosemary - finely chopped1 dessertspoon flour750mls vegetable stock1 teaspoon barley miso2 teaspoons St Dalfour redcurrent or damson jam1 dessertspoon apple juice concentrate25g butter(optional)

Here's how
Start with the sauce - Slowly sweat the onions with the rosemary in the olive oil to release the flavour - about 10 minutesAdd the flour to the pan, stir and bubble through.  Add the stock and stirring, bring to the boil to thicken.Add the other flavourings of miso, jam and apple juice concentrate.  Continue to simmer until nicely smooth and rich.Add the butter if wished, to create a shine to the sauce.Whilst the sauce is simmering prepare the polenta - Place polenta into pan with water and tamari.  Bring to the boil, stirring continuously.As the polenta begins to thicken add the peas, sweetcorn and yeast flakes and combine well.Allow to thicken and stand in the pan to keep warm.When ready to serve - transfer the polenta onto the middle of a flan dish in an enticing pile and pour the onion sauce around the base.