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Sorrel, Lettuce & Watercress Soup

Quick, easy to make, delicious and energising. The three leafy salad ingredients in this soup have been used medicinally since Roman times and are helpful sources of vitamins A & C, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and chromium.

What you need
1 onion - chopped1 tablespoon coconut oil2 teaspoons apple juice concentrate500-700ml vegetable stock85g bag watercress1 good size lettuce, eg Romaine - shredded1 good bunch parsley – flat leaf is better for this recipe6 leaves of sorrel - shredded (if you can’t find sorrel – but try to because it has a beautiful lemony tang and it’s easy to grow your own – just use some spinach or more lettuce or chard)2 teaspoons dill (or handful of fresh)1 teaspoon caraway seeds1 can beans of choice160ml coconut creamSome lemon or tamari for flavouring1 egg, handboiled and chopped
Here's how
Slowly cook the onion to develop the flavour – about 10 minutesAdd the greenery, stock, apple juice concentrate, dill and caraway seedsBring gently to the boil and simmer until all the greenery has wiltedBlend with the beans and coconut cream and adjust the flavour if neededServe garnished with hand boiled chopped egg