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Support for you

So many aspects of your life can be affected by cancer. We aim to help give you choices and control over how you support yourself live as well as you can with the impacts of cancer.

We see you as a whole person and recognise there is more to health than what is going on in our physical bodies. We offer support for your mind, your emotions and relationships and the deepest parts of you as well as your physical health.

Our services offer you the opportunity to share your experience with others, in welcoming and peaceful surroundings, aided by our highly trained team. Our Whole Person Approach offers information and practical techniques as well as a range of therapies to support your whole being.

To find out more about how we can support you read more here: What We Offer.

  • Helpline

    Our Helpline is here for you, as a listening ear if you need to talk, and as a place to find out more about any of our courses and services.

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